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I've decided to move all my previous
Series to my new site over at Midnite3d.com

View thousands of pictures and animations
with one low subscription price!
Midnite3d.com has everything below -
and more!


Betty Noir
Casey Jones
Bondage Business Meeting
Forced Negotiation
Bound Justice
Bonus Pictures from all series!
as well as new stuff like:


When I start selling 3D printed Babz - then you can check back here.



Steven B (Philadelphia, PA.) ...actual client...
The material on the three Bound Justice CDs is the most moving, exciting and intensely engaging of all such material that I think I've encountered since I first discovered the offerings of Bishop some twelve years ago. I think that the main factor which so makes this work stand out is the skillful use of elements as tools to tell the story. The visual presentation is ... read more here:

Finister Foul (comic Art legend)
Bound Justice sucks. No really. It sucks, it fucks, it whips and zaps Ouch!! Bound Justice explores just about every depraved BDSM fantasy you'd dream of seeing. There are two very sexy uppity heroines who find their match in a very sadistic villain and villainess... read more here:

Timo (hipcomix.com webmaster)
Midnite created half a dozen great websites and taught FINISTER FOUL, myself, SKYLER MYSTWOOD, KONRAM, FRITZ, JOE KURZ, and a host of others how to push the boundaries of storytelling. He did all this without ego and bullying...he always made it easy to learn and he always did it with a wry sense of humor... read more here: