The Ogre's Prize - ... ( pg. 6.)

"I want you to sit on me!" he instructed the guard.

"But your majesty, you know it won't fit in my small hole, you're just teasing me, right?" replied the astonished guard. Ponder #4

The ogre king had often teased the guards in this way, because he could, and it was fun, but now he felt like following through. "No, I'm not teasing, and I want you to fondle the queen's breasts as you're doing it." The look on the King's face made it all to clear he was serious, so the guard had no choice but to comply. She took off her chain mail panties and positioned herself in front of the king and slowly lowered her small orifice onto the Ogre's slightly stiff hardon.

Reaching out for the Queen's large breasts she steadied herself for the certain pain to come. She fondled the queen's breasts with a fervor designed to arouse the queen in hopes she would put in a good word and stop this nonsense before it started, but the queen was strangely resolute. She felt that if this little tart of a guard could arouse the king, that all would be well. What's a little pain to Fondling the Queena fully trained Warrior? Slowly the petite guard sank onto the Ogre's massive cock. At any moment she was sure that the huge phallus would split her in two, and the pain was almost unbearable. Still the queen stood at attention and stared emotionless at her minion. The Ogre meanwhile, was enjoying the interplay, and thought about what the diminutive guard must've been thinking. He could see the steeliness reflected in the Queen's eyes and knew the guard must've been using that to buttress her intestinal fortitude. He watched as the queen's tits rose up and down as the guard fondled them. He knew she was enjoying it, but wondered how she could keep a straight face throughout it all. He also felt the small vagina of the Amazon warrior as she slowly but surely opened her nether lips to surround his penis. It was hard going at first, and for awhile she just slowly bounced around an the head of his cock to try and get it in her. Her poor pussy lips were stretching and stretching to try an accommodate the gigantic rod. For some reason, she just couldn't get situated, so he decided to lend a hand.

Amazon Guard #4He put his huge maw on her hip and pressed her slowly down onto his raging cock. Her vagina, small though it was, was starting to stretch wider and wider, as he slowly pulled her in. He could only imagine the look on her face as he penetrated her tiny cunt. The warm soft flesh of her inner regions was starting to produce a small amount of lubrication, which made it easier, but still he continued, inch by inch, as her soft flesh engulfed his giant dick. She was looking to her queen for support, but only found a stone faced vigil. Letting out a gasp and a small stifled scream, the warrior finally took all of the huge cock that she could fit into her vagina. He still had several inches left to fill her, but realized that he was already bumping up against her cervix, so that was as far as he would get. He let her come back up off it and looked as she pulled off for another plunge. He felt the warm wet walls of her cunt contracting hard around the head, pushing it out even faster. This excited him and he grew another inch! He could see that the lubrication he felt was little more than blood, coming from the tearing of her insides, but he didn't care, he knew it would get better with each plunge, and pulled her back down on his cock once more. This time it was easier and he felt her smooth fleshy walls open once again to stretch around his dick. It was easier this time, but she was still so tight it felt like a warm fleshy vise tightening around his cock as he pulled her down inch by inch, for the second time...

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