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All about M.E. ( Midnite Marauder )

A Short Biography of sorts ...

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I guess you could say my current 3D arts career started when I was 13!
That's when I discovered bondage magazines existed. I saw my first issue in the living room of my buddy's trailer... that was right before we got jumped by six guys in a Volkswagen. Skip ahead 10 years and I was working as an assistant photographer at a large architectural firm. Part of the job was helping with graphics, so I learned to cut and paste. This skill would come in handy years later using various computers programs.

Skip ahead a few more years... I was working at a typographics company doing setup and reprographics. More cutting and pasting. At least here I was working with some of the early computers and modems. More cutting and pasting. Along the way I got into Computer graphics. It's not such a big stretch to go from there to Poser and then to rendering awesome looking naked ladies, all whom will do whatever I tell them to.

Add a few Years, and some gray hairs...
Now we come to this century, when posting online at Renderotica I met a few people with the same drives and interests. From there I learned that you could actually make money doing this stuff and selling it online... I had a plan...

The plan evolved and got complicated. It involved bondage, animation, and a complicated storyline where you could pick your own path, sort of like a game. I spent months in a yahoo group called Hipcomix discussing all the ins and outs with artists from all over the world. We had Razorsharp from Sweden, Joe Kurtz from Germany, Lee from New Orleans, Corum Anime from England, Finister Foul from Indiana, Skylar Mistwood from Texas, and Phantast from... well she traveled around a lot. To this day, no one knows where she's from, or is... but you can find her online in "Second Life". Anyway, we all got together and formed Interactive-Comix. I-comix for short. It was the first really true collaboration of artists from around the world creating a single "interactive comic" site that was totally unique. Now they call it motion graphics. I'm still very proud to have been a major part of it. I just wish it had caught on more. Some other sites I created are Actionbabe Gold and Actionbabe Central.

Add a few more years...and grey hairs... Now that brings us up to the present. On this site you can see examples of all my work on the web as well as some that has never been seen, as well as some CDs for sale, some utilities and various downloads for free.